Assessment and Treatment

Therapy Services

•Individual Psychotherapy

– My work with individuals is primarily rooted in my training from a psychodynamic perspective.  I work with patients to identify and address the underlying internal conflicts that present as an overt problem.  However, I also integrate cognitive-behavioral or other approaches within my training to suit particular treatment needs for which there is evidence of effectively improving particular problems using a particular approach.  All approaches will be discussed with our agreed upon individualized treatment plan.  I work from a collaborative perspective.

•Couples/Family Psychotherapy

– My orientation for working with couples and families is to move towards healing, communication, growth, and change within relationships.  I do not specialize in divorce mediation.  However, I am in touch with professionals who do specialize in divorce mediation.  Feel free to contact me for those contacts.

 •Group Psychotherapy

– Group Psychotherapy can be useful both as a primary form of treatment for many problems or as an adjunct to other forms of treatment.  Groups can be an enriching source of support and personal growth.  Group therapy fees are generally less than individual therapy fees, providing an economical alternative choice of treatment for many people.  I am currently incorporating both long term therapy groups as well as short-term groups intended to address particular problems that run for 10-20 sessions.    If interested in a particular kind of group, feel free to contact me.  I will let you know what sort of groups I am currently offering or we can discuss your needs and I will place you on a waiting list for a particular kind of group that may be an upcoming offering.

Diagnostic Assessment and Testing•I provide a variety of personality and cognitive testing services.  Please view my Policies and Fees section for a sample of the type of testing services I provide.

•  I accept referrals for psychological testing directly from patients or from other professionals with appropriate releases of information agreed to by the patient.

•Psychological testing is an individualized process, with tests chosen and tailored for investigating specific questions regarding a person’s functioning and concerns.  Feel free to contact me to discuss if testing may be a useful endeavor for you or your client.  I will gladly answer your questions to determine if this would be useful in your specific case.